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When the theme is cooking, there is one key element that should be noticed: kitchen worktops, a good worktop with the best detail is also a decorative image that can make all the difference in your kitchen.

At the time of purchase, you must pay attention to some aspects. Initially, the kitchen worktops were said to be 3 cm thick. Please be aware that these measures are not mandatory, even because less-thick materials are more economical. They must also be resistant and good quality.

In worktops and islands, kitchen tops are required. The most common used materials are in wood, Acrylic, Solid, stainless steel, slate, laminated MDF, stone, granite, quartz, glass… To gather beauty and a good functionality of your kitchen.

The combination of the classic and the modern can result in an intimate space. This table top is still an option in many, many houses, for the passion and connection it has for this type of material and color.

The wood along with the white lacquer, not forgetting the bright black tile, create a practical environment for a small dwelling.


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