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Kitchen Worktop Natural Stone Installers

Kitchen counter Type Natural stones

When making kitchen worktops, natural stones are materials widely used, cut by marmorists in specific measures. Granite is the recommended material, besides being more popular because of its cost and its abundance in some countries, it is more resistant when in contact with acid substances than other natural materials such as marble, limestone, travertine and others. The countries with the largest amount of granite are Brazil, India, Finland and Norway, as well as several African countries.

Marble, on the other hand, is more traditionally exploited in countries like Greece, Turkey and Italy, but also very popular in South America. Marble is considered to be more elegant and thinner than granite, but due to its characteristics and properties it should be used in areas less susceptible to corrosive products and therefore not suitable for handling acid and chemical products. such as laboratories, medical, dental and other offices.

Marble and granite are expensive materials for large extensions, but give a special charm when they appear on kitchen sinks and general sinks. They come in several versions and are interesting when combined.

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