Apollo Slab tech Worktop

Apollo Slab Tech represents a new worksurface technology exclusive to Sheridan worktops. Boasting affordability, durability and aesthetic appeal, Slab Tech has continued to grow in popularity over recent years.

Features of Slab Tech

  •  Available in solid 20mm and 30mm thicknesses
  • 60-100mm worktop downturns available
  • Apollo Slab Tech Worktops are difficult to stain
  • Easy to clean and maintain work surface
  • Warm and inviting to the touch
  • Apollo Slab Tech Worktops offer excellent impact resistance
  • Inconspicuous, unobtrusive and seamless joints
  • Same look and feel but costs less than Corian® worktops
  • Easy to install the worktop yourself
  • The Apollo Slab Tech range is available in the modular system (blanks)

In addition, all of our Apollo Slab Tech range of products come with a 10 year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Veined Colours

Some colours and styles will contain veining, which is where a style contains swirls, lines, or patterns within the material. The manufacturing processes involved in creating these styles ensure that each piece is random to avoid obvious repetition in your worksurface. As such, please be advised that when purchasing a variant with veining, the final pieces installed may vary from the images displayed on this website.

Dark Colours and Wear

Dark heavily pigmented colours will show scratches, wear and tear more readily than light or textured colours and should not be used in high traffic areas (these colours require a disclaimer form to be completed)